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Cool Tips and Ideas for Woodworkers

Are you a serious craftsperson who likes to work with your hands? Does the loud noise of power tools, clouds of floating dust, and creative freedom sound like an ideal day's work to you? If the answer is yes, a career in woodworking may be for you.

Top Basic Hand Tools for Woodworking

Are you keen to get into Woodwork? Not sure what hand tools you will need? We will have a look at a few of the top basic hand woodworking tools are. We will also discuss how they should be used.


The best workbench to purchase is a wooden workbench. However, if you don't have the money to buy one, consider building your own, or asking a friend or relative to help you with this. There are helpful DVD's and other video's that can teach you how to build your own workbench. It must come with a top that is no less than three inches and be large and chunky. It must also be firm, with legs that will provide suitable support to hold it all together. The workbench should also have a couple of muscular vises.

Marking Knife

Marking knives are designed for just that. Marking. It will allow you to mark the areas where you want to cut. There are a variety of knives for various roles. There are specific models for tight areas or accurate lines. Do not just purchase any one you think might do the job.

While these types of knives are costly, know that there are some out there that are under twenty dollars. You do not have to pay a fortune for one.

Chisel Set

Most people within the woodwork industry will find themselves needing a chisel set. It is this set that will be used the most out of all of your tools. It is worth paying a reasonable amount of money for this set. The more you pay, the longer they will last, and the better quality they will be.

The best types of sets to use are the lighter wooden handle sets. They should also come with good quality steel. Consider purchasing a five to seven bench chisel set. You can add other chisel’s to the set as time goes on. These tools will do the job for almost any woodworking you are doing.

Folding Rule Or Tape Measure

TA folding rule is an equivalent to a tape measure. They are designed to assist you in making estimate measurements, particularly, when you are cutting boards. A small tape measure may also be used for this job if you cannot afford something better.

The best folding rule to purchase is a twenty-four-inch vintage one. This will allow you to place it into your pocket. They do not cost a lot of money but make sure that you know what you are after.

These are just a few of the woodworking tools you will require when getting into the woodwork industry. Always do your research to find out what else you will need, and know what to look for in them before purchasing.

Fireplace Insert

Make a fireplace insert that looks like cut logs to hide your fireplace opening when not in use.

Wooden Beer Mug

It is not so suitible for drinking beer (pallet wood can be toxic) but for decorative purpose or ,like me as a trash and beercaps bin.

Wooden Candle Holder

I shaped a log from our firewood pile into a slab, and drilled holes for the tea lights.